World Cup Competition Venues – Tokyo Map

The hockey competition will be held at the following two locations.

Oi Hockey Stadium


At this venue, we have two (2) pitches:Pitch 1 and Pitch 2 .

Oi Hockey Stadium [Pitch-1]

Oi Hockey Stadium [Pitch-2]

Oi Hockey Stadium [Pitch-3]

This pitch is currently being resurfaced with artificial turf.
Address Oi Hockey Stadium, Oi Futochuo Keihin Koen 大井ふ頭中央海浜公園
4-1-9 Yashio, Shinagawa-ku, Tokyo 品川区八潮4丁目 1-19
Postcode 140-0003
Access From TOKYO station to Oi Hockey Stadium.
30min by Car or 15 min by train+ 8min on foot
Both pitches:
Poligras Tokyo GT. The competition pitches are certified to FIH Global standard, with in-situ irrigation systems.
The pitches are blue in colour with blue run-off areas.
Lighting Pitch 1 : 500 lux
Pitch 2 : 500 lux
Number of Seats Pitch 1 : 2,600
Pitch 2 : 500

Komazawa Olympic Park 1st Ball Game Field

(hereinafter referred to as “Pitch 3”)


“Komazawa Olympic Park” is a legacy venue from the 1964 Tokyo Olympics. We have one hockey pitch at this venue.

Address Komazawa Olympic Koen, Dai-ichi Kyugijo 駒沢オリンピック公園 第一球技場
1-1 Komazawa Koen, Setagaya-ku, Tokyo 世田谷区駒沢公園  1−1
Postcode 154-0013
Access From TOKYO station to Pitch 3. 50min by Car or 30 min by train+ 15min on foot
Pitch Sand-based Artificial Turf
Lighting None
Number of Seats 1,020 (with lawn area on opposite side to seating)


Sand dressed Artificial Turf “GreenFieldsTX SW” renewal in May 2017 This pitch is green in colour with green run off areas.
Lighting Non.
Number of Seat 1,020 (Plus Lawn area at backside)