Tokyo Tournament dates are fixed finally!

Tournament name WMH Masters Hockey World Cup 2022 Tokyo
Event Hockey nations / age competition for seniors over the age of 60 from around the world
Schedule Wednesday 19th-Saturday 29th October 2022
Venues Oi Hockey Stadium – 2 Pitches (Tokyo Olympics official venue)
Komazawa Olympic Park – 1 Pitch (Supplementary sand-based turf)
Total Three (3) Pitches
Categories Men’s 60+, 65+, 70+, 75+, 80+ Nations Competition,
Spirit of Masters (A competition for Division 2 teams)
Participating countries 20 countries, 50-60 teams, about 160 games scheduled
Official recognition International Hockey Federation (FIH), World Masters Hockey (WMH)
Main Sanctioned by FIH
Approved by WMH
Hosted by JHA
Note Hotel information will follow later as no hotel is offering rates for stay in October 2022.
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